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Produced from 1999 until 2002 and designed by Kozo Watanabe, the R34 GT-R is the fifth generation of the Skyline GT-R.  It was the result of 11 years of fine tuning, competitive racing, and extensive testing. It featured better power delivery, increased torque, a stiffer chassis and improved aerodynamics when compared to its predecessors. The R34 retained the RB26DETT 2.6L twin turbocharged I6, from the older R32 and R33 GT-Rs. The car was produced in total of 11,578 units, with multiple variations such as the M-Spec, V-Spec, and top of the line in performance, V-Spec II Nur.   Like the R33, the R34 GT-R V-Spec came with the ATTESA E-TS Pro system and an active LSD at the rear.  

R34 Exterior